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Friday, May 8, 2009


Sunrises and Sunsets should be a perfect inspiration for poems and contemplation, It would be great to see your thoughts here. Submit yours to

"How Many Sunsets?"
I used to look at sunsets and notice the colors of the sky and the sun setting on the horizon. The deep orange and the glowing red. The band of yellow peeking through.

But now I focus on other things. Like how quickly the sun disappears and darkness closes in.

My perception has changed. What was once a cause for excitement and celebration, has been replaced with pangs of loss.

Another day gone. Another New Year.

I can't stop time. Or the sun from setting.

And I'm so grateful to see it rise another day.

Submitted by
Nancy (Every Photo Tells A Story)

Every 24 hours, I'm given a gift,
That brings my heart joy, and my spirit a lift.

The sky comes ablaze, sunrise or sunset
With wondrous colors I won't soon forget.

We're blessed with not knowing, exactly how many,
Of these sights we will see...So I try not to miss any.

James Parker

The rays of sun in the light of dawn...
My inspiration from the day I was born.

Justin Hayward (Moody Blues)
from "Long, Long Highway"

We have a Creator. His spiritual world is within us, around us, ...above and beyond. But in His spiritual universe is the Yin and the Yang. The good and evil. The positive and the negative. It is the way of all things.

But we have the tool of attraction. If our focus is negative, we attract negative things and the result is depression and despair. If our focus is positive, then we attract positive things and the result is joy and the ability to cope.

As humans, we are far from the "finished product" of creation. This little earthly, fleeting wisp of lifetime is not the end.

In the beauty of the sunrises and sunsets, we are given a glimpse of the glorious realm that lies beyond the blue horizon.

James Parker

Saturday, April 18, 2009


If your day has been great, or if your day has been a bummer.....

Click this...... Enjoy the Ride

Saturday, February 28, 2009


The following poem represents an epileptic seizure told in the language of EEG

~~~~^^^colors and lightening^^^~~~~
~~~~^^^and feeling of frightening^^^~~~~
^^~~~^^^and noises and static^^^~~~^^
^^^~~~~^^^my focus erratic^^^~~~~^^^

~~~~VVV^^quickening, deafening^^VVV~~~~
VVV~~~^^storming, advancing^^~~~VVV
~~~^^^blazes of white^^^~~~
^^^~~~~undesired, but entrancing~~~~^^^

~~~^^^^closing the window^^^^~~~
^^^~~~~it's trapped in my brain~~~~^^^
~~~~^^^and I am trapped, too^^^~~~~
^^^^~~~till the storm starts to wane~~~^^^^

~~~~^^^when the colors and lights^^^~~~~
^^^^~~~fade away....fade away~~~^^^^
~~~~^^^the window will open^^^~~~~
^^^^~~~and I can go play~~~^^^^
"Looking Out The Window"

Michael Pealow..."Meandering Michael"
dedicated to his daughter, Jade

The poem was inspired by an image posted on the March 12
"Every Photo Tells A Story"

Photo by Caroline "Flying"
The Zen in You

On February 26, this was my entry to Every Photo Tells A Story .

I watch the children go flying by,
A silent tear moistening my eye

I think of joys in times gone past,
Of youthful glee and greener grass

It seems just yesterday, I was flying too.
A kid in the clouds, the world brand new

But the years go by, and I grow old
That world, once warm, now grows cold

Don't get me wrong, with joy I rhyme
I only wish I had more time

James Parker

In the eyes of a child you will learn how to see,
That your world's spinning round,
And through life you will be,
A small part of the hope of the love that exists.
In the eyes of a child you will see

The Moody Blues

My Daddy gave me a song a few years back from an album called "the View From the Hill' by Justin Hayward..."Billy". About a teen who lost his way and his story ends in some recent news headlines. It is so sad, but so true.

"It's a sad world, when there's no one,
who can reach out,
to the source of your pain"

Justin Hayward
submitted by

Friday, February 20, 2009


I dance to find myself
Lost so long ago
The zills and veils are props
To help me on my journey

Starbird (Shelly)