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Saturday, February 28, 2009


The following poem represents an epileptic seizure told in the language of EEG

~~~~^^^colors and lightening^^^~~~~
~~~~^^^and feeling of frightening^^^~~~~
^^~~~^^^and noises and static^^^~~~^^
^^^~~~~^^^my focus erratic^^^~~~~^^^

~~~~VVV^^quickening, deafening^^VVV~~~~
VVV~~~^^storming, advancing^^~~~VVV
~~~^^^blazes of white^^^~~~
^^^~~~~undesired, but entrancing~~~~^^^

~~~^^^^closing the window^^^^~~~
^^^~~~~it's trapped in my brain~~~~^^^
~~~~^^^and I am trapped, too^^^~~~~
^^^^~~~till the storm starts to wane~~~^^^^

~~~~^^^when the colors and lights^^^~~~~
^^^^~~~fade away....fade away~~~^^^^
~~~~^^^the window will open^^^~~~~
^^^^~~~and I can go play~~~^^^^
"Looking Out The Window"

Michael Pealow..."Meandering Michael"
dedicated to his daughter, Jade

The poem was inspired by an image posted on the March 12
"Every Photo Tells A Story"

Photo by Caroline "Flying"
The Zen in You

On February 26, this was my entry to Every Photo Tells A Story .

I watch the children go flying by,
A silent tear moistening my eye

I think of joys in times gone past,
Of youthful glee and greener grass

It seems just yesterday, I was flying too.
A kid in the clouds, the world brand new

But the years go by, and I grow old
That world, once warm, now grows cold

Don't get me wrong, with joy I rhyme
I only wish I had more time

James Parker

In the eyes of a child you will learn how to see,
That your world's spinning round,
And through life you will be,
A small part of the hope of the love that exists.
In the eyes of a child you will see

The Moody Blues

My Daddy gave me a song a few years back from an album called "the View From the Hill' by Justin Hayward..."Billy". About a teen who lost his way and his story ends in some recent news headlines. It is so sad, but so true.

"It's a sad world, when there's no one,
who can reach out,
to the source of your pain"

Justin Hayward
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  1. James:

    Though your humorous pieces always make me smile, you are also able to express yourself beautifully in thoughtful poems, like this one. Thank you for sharing your writing:)


  2. Hi James! Glad you enjoyed the poem and thanks for sharing it with others.

  3. Hi James:

    I'm also glad you shared Michael's poem. This one, as you also know, is very touching since it's about his daughter Jade.


  4. Hi, James - these are great. I love the visual rhythms of the "seizure" poem, too.

  5. The first poem was chaotically excellent. I love the pace of it. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  6. Glad you enjoyed the poem and thanks for sharing it with others. Work From Home